UWPClasses: List Classes and Construct Schedules

Written by Robert W. Hasker

Quick Notes

Download: UWPClasses.exe

General Information

This application helps generate schedules. Note it does not register students for classes. The student still needs to do that in PASS.

The application will run on any Windows-based system that has access to the Internet. No installation is required: just save the program on the computer - perhaps on the desktop - and run it. If Windows blocks running the program, you can click on "More information" or "More Details" to get to a button that allows you to run the application anyways. There is nothing you need to do to install this application.

The program lists open classes and allows the user to select sections to be placed on a schedule. Sections which meet at a conflicting time are then marked in red. You can also print the schedule on a printer. For more detail, see the help menu in the application.

If you find errors in the data shown by UWPClasses, first check to see if the same error is in PASS. If it is, the problem must be corrected by the Registrar's office. Even if it has been corrected in PASS, it can still take a while for the fix to propogate to UWPClasses.